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Where do you ship from?

For orders from the US and Canada, we have local centres where we ship from which takes 1-4 days depending on the service you choose. International orders come from our overseas centres which take 7-14 days to arrive.

What will I receive with my order?

The rullus wallet, a spare rubber band, and a manual to get you rocking, all inside a secure aluminium case. The essentials.

When would I use this wallet?

We designed the wallet for every day use whether in a professional or casual setting. Whether you're in a suit at work and want to keep your pockets slim, or at the bar and want a way to carry just the cards you need, rullus wallet is right for everyone.

What if I use more than 5 cards?

But do you? If you look back on the last 7 days, how many cards did you use? We believe in a simpler lifestyle where you only carry what you use everyday. This allows for more space to focus on what matters.

Why use a metal wallet and not a leather wallet?

If you enjoy carrying 7 credit cards, 2 gym cards, 5 loyalty cards & $200 in bills, then the traditional leather wallet is for you. The rullus wallet is suited for those that keep it simple and know what they want. Our wallet won't add bulk to your outfit, is much quicker to use, looks sleeker and will last forever.

How is it made?

We use space-grade aluminium, anodised to make it scratch & corrosion resistant. The two plates of aluminium are clasped by a premium rubber to give you the flexibility to hold up to 5 cards.

How thin really is it?

The rullus wallet is the slimmest wallet ever made at 0.15" thin. Enjoy more pocket space and carry money in the lightest way possible.

What does it feel like?

The texture mimics that of the Macbook's surface. Incredibly smooth & ergonomically shaped to feel sublime in the hand. You'll never feel anything like this again.

What's the warranty?

All rullus products are made and tested to last forever, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty. If at any point your rullus wallet is damaged, we will happily provide a refund or replacement.

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