iPhone 12 – everything you need to know. Rumors, features, price, shape and more…

Samantha Green



The iPhone 12 was promised to us for September but understandably with COVID-19, Apple have had to delay the release,and they certainly have us all on the hook. So, when it arrives, what new innovations and features should we expect?

Nothing is certain until Apple announces the iPhone 12 officially, however, this information comes from sources that have previously leaked (with good accuracy) features & specsfrom Apple’s suite of tech.

You can bet that this new iPhone will arrive with a big re-designing with Apple reportedly going back to the square-edge designs of the iPhone 4 and 5S. Will this be the first iPhone tohave 5G built in? Will it be the ultra-quick mmWave or the Sub 6GHz, or a mixture of the two?

Now, lets get into it.

It will be the 12, not 11s.

Apple have always been pretty consistent in launching a new iPhone with a new number in year 1 and then in year 2, an upgrade. This was broken though when Apple released the iPhone X, skipping the 9. Poor number 9.

If you have been paying attention you’ll know that ultra-consistent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, has been stating that the 2020 iPhone is most likely to skip the "s" and go straight to 12. Also given that the design has changed so drastically, we expect this to be a whole new iPhone.

We’ve also heard there will be 4 models: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Déjá Vu in the design.

The iPhone 6 was a big move in phone design when Apple re-designed the edges to be more rounded, and we all got very excited. On the other hand some of the more nostalgic have missed that lovely flat edge and have been clawing for a throwback.

This year, however, we hear a lot of speculation from trustworthy sources that the iPhone 12 will have a similar flat edge design to the older iPhones but with the dimensions of the 11 series. A best of both worlds? Also someone in the supply chain leaked a CAD file that supports this theory.

We’re also expecting the iPhone 12 is expected to be thinner and have a deeper lens that protrudes. Also the SIM tray is to be moved.

Sizes: Four phones, three sizes

Rumors and CAD leaks seem to show that the iPhone 12 will come available in 4 models.

We looked at the previous 11 series and have made a few assumptions below on the possible dimensions of the new models.

·       iPhone 12 -5.4-inch display

·       iPhone 12 Max -6.1-inch display

·       iPhone 12 Pro -6.1-inch display

·       iPhone 12 Pro Max -6.7-inch display


It looks like Apple is trying to appeal to both small phone lovers and large phone lovers.