How to clean your iPhone and keep it COVID safe.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 we have all been reminded every second by the news and our friends on the importance of washing our hands. It's definitely a great move forward, however, we are all touching our iPhones consistently throughout the day, which after being left on surfaces like Starbucks tables and even in your pockets, can gather dust and bacteria.

It's a good idea to regularly clean your iPhone, especially during the flu season and, right now, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

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Apple has some specific guidelines for cleaning depending on which iPhone you have.

Apple's iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max have a higher resistance to water than earlier iPhone models and other brands, which means Apple can recommend washing them a bit more rigorously than other iPhones.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Unplug all charging and earphone cables, and turn the iPhone off.
  2. Use a soft, slightly damp light-free cloth to rub debris and fingerprints from the display and back.
  3. If material is still present, use a soft, lint-free cloth with warm soapy water.

Apple makes sure to tell people to make sure not to get any moisture in the openings of the iPhone during this cleaning process.

Disinfecting Your iPhone

A solution of isopropyl alcohol is a great method to eliminate illness-causing bacteria from your iPhone, and Apple say to use either 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or Clorox cleaning wipes on your devices.

  1. Using a surface cleaning spray or 70 percent isopropyl alcohol solution, moisten a microfiber cloth until it's just damp.
  2. Scrub the iPhone's front and back with the microfiber cloth.
  3. Dip a Q-Tip or cotton swab in the solution and go over the edges and corners of the iPhone to make sure to disinfect all of the little crevices.
  4. Alternatively if you haven't got the swab or Q-Tip, take a Clorox wipe that is not too moist and thoroughly wipe the front, back, and sides of the iPhone.

Here are some screen cleaning products that we would recommend:

Using cleaners other than isopropyl alcohol and those that are designed for screen displays should be avoided where possible. Some of the harsher screen cleaning products out there are terrible for the fingerprint coating on your device, and can cause damage to both the exterior and interior.

How to clean the dust out of your lightning port.

Not only your display can get damaged by being dirty, but also the lightning port can catch dust and other horrible particulates that make charging a lot more difficult. It is good practice to maintain both to a level of cleanliness.

  1. Turn off the iPhone and remove all cables.
  2. Remove all visible particulates and dust from the port using a toothpick. Be gentle here, and use the torch from another mobile phone or flashlight to see what you're doing.
  3. Also you can clean the speaker grills using a toothpick, but again, be careful here. Your iPhone isn't designed to be ambushed by mini wooden spears

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Stay safe!

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