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Tired of bulky cases that clog up your pocket? So are we.

Using extreme precision and an all new and improved design, the rullus case wraps around your iPhone with an-unbelievably tight fit.

Experience the original feel of your iPhone but with added impact absorption and scratch resistance.

It's exactly what your iPhone deserves.

Pairs perfectly with the rullus glass screen protector. Complete protection.


Perfect fit.

Precision cut for an impossibly tight fit and zero dust damage.

No fingerprints.

Frosted surface for no fingerprints ever.

Go wireless.

At just 1/10 of an inch, rullus works with all wireless chargers.

Protected lens.

A raised camera lip, to keep your camera safe.
Common FAQs.

Will the case protect my camera?

Yes. There is a raised lip around the camera to keep your lenses crystal clear and safe for scratches.

What does the rullus case feel like?

Just like your iPhone but with an added lightweight, matte feel. Don't sacrifice the aesthetic design of your device by ramming it into a bulky, ugly case. Keep it simple, keep it rullus.

Would a case this thin offer my iPhone much protection?

Our cases are designed to offer everyday protection from bumps, scratches, dust, dirt and small drops. For added screen protection we suggest you pair the case with our rullus glass screen protector.

What material do you use to make the case?

Our thin phone case is made of polypropylene (PP), a really durable plastic that adds extra grip. The case has a frosted, matte texture.

What's the warranty?

We'll provide a free replacement per product purchased. This warranty holds up regardless of the cause of the damage. Just cover shipping. For a guide on how to apply the rullus glass, please see our Get Help page.

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Now supports iPhone 12 models

Not your usual
phone case.

It's much thinner.

iphone with a super slim green case on
Can you
see it on?

Made properly.

Engineered with the best available materials & tested rigorously.

It's frosted.

The frosted surface means no fingerprints ever and a premium hand feel.

Protected lens.

A raised camera lip, to keep your camera safe and lenses clear.

Made for those that think differently.

A minimalist iPhone case like you've never experienced before. Robust. Precise. Ultra thin. It's how we think at rullus.

It's just what you've been waiting for.

Only $13.99. Was $29.99. Free 3 day shipping.

Trusted by over 50,000 minimalists.
side on angle of iphone with the rullus case on
ultra slim case showing its flexibility

Show. It. Off.

Premium protection, made affordable.

a hand holding a clear super slim iPhone case

The perfect minimalist case.

Designed be everything you need in an iPhone case, and nothing you don't. Built for seamless functionality first.
Fingerprint proof
Supports wireless charging
Branding free

Live without limits, and scratches.

The case has been optimised to protect your iPhone from scratches and small drops. The cameras are protected by a raised lip, keeping your lenses clear and safe.
Tested for impressive impact absorption
Scratch resistant
Lens protection

Keep the case on. Charge wirelessly.

The case has the perfect thickness so you have zero issues with contactless payments or wireless charging, ever.

Super slim, pocket friendly.

At just 1/10 of an inch, keep the original look and feel of your iPhone. You'll forget you even have a case on.
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Trusted by over 50,000 minimalists.

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Mark Stapf

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